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"My favourite weekend of the year ... lessons, sessions, a beautiful setting, catered meals, wine and above all ... flutes!"
-- John Skelton



 Hi Everybody,


I am very sorry to say that due to circumstances beyond my control I for the first time am forced to cancel W.O.T.B.

For reasons beyond my understanding our Government has decided not to issue a Visa to Stuart Samson. Stuart served in the Great British military for 30 years retiring as a Captain and former Chief Piper for the entire military service. He had the highest possible security clearences and has played many times in America...

This is a HUGE problem for people like me who want to bring QUALITY musicians into the United States. Our Government regularly refuses to issue standard work permits or even with the proper papers sometimes turns away musicians at our boarders. National security is indeed important but this is crazy...

I also have a problem with the venue as it has now been closed for local reasons also beyond my control.

I guess it just wasn't meant to be this year.


HOWEVER  let me announce a NEW EVENT!!  In conjunction with the world famous resort community of Arosa, Switzerland and their "MUSIK-KURSWOCHEN"  (music course week), I will be teaching a week long series of classes on Irish flute and tin whistle music.  The program will take place JULY 22nd - AUGUST 2nd. I will be posting information and videos about the event very soon!!!  Imagine, learning about traditional Irish music high in the Swiss Alps, staying in a beautiful hotel called "Hotel Hohe Promenade"  a 3 star hotel with AMAZING food and service... Visit their website at  www.hoproarosa.ch for information.  The week will cost between 1,000 and 1,200 Swiss francs depending on the package you choose, EXCLUDING AIRFARE.


More information to follow on all of my various websites. Don't miss this dream week!!! 


Once again,   I AM SOOOOOO SORRY to cancel WOTB this year but bigger and better things are not far off!!!!!! 

See you at WOTB or WIND IN THE ALPS 2014!!!

All the best,

Skip Healy
Founder and Artistic Director of W.O.T.B.

Skip Healy
Skip Healy
Founder and
Artistic Director
Flute, Fife
Captain (Ret'd) Stuart D Samson MBE
Captain (Ret'd) Stuart D Samson MBE

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For over thirty years, Skip Healy has been a world renowned, Grammy-nominated performer of Irish flute and American fife music. For details on Skip Healy, his work and his music, just click here.