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Hi Everybody!

I grew up in a family that worked the coastal waters of New England and Narragansett Bay (Rhode Island) for the various types of fin and shellfish that were plentiful in that era. An ancient and proud profession that was hard work but in it's own way enormously satisfying. I have many memories from when I was young of three generations of my family working together out on the salty brine harvesting our daily catch. Upon reflection, I think now that this is where my "learn by doing" nature was first developed. Being around people who through years of hard and independant work developed their knowledge and skill sets to the highest levels. It was an example that truely dictated the future direction of my life.

Having spent so much time on the open water, there's one thing I can tell you about the "Wind on the Bay," it is a constant thing but it also always shifts direction a bit too. 

This years trade winds have blown us for the first time to the Bonny Wee banks of Scotland...  

I am SO HAPPY to announce that this year, for the first time I am featuring a bagpiper on the Staff for WOTB 2013. Not just ANY piper mind you, absolutly the greatest piper I have ever heard or played with. His name is Stuart Samson and he is a MONSTER player.


I will be adding more information about Stuart very soon but in the meantime you can Google his name if you're curious...  ;-) 

I'm looking forward to another great festival!

All the best,

Skip Healy

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For over thirty years, Skip Healy has been a world renowned, Grammy-nominated performer of Irish flute and American fife music. For details on Skip Healy, his work and his music, just click here.