2013 Classes

The actual classes themselves will be announced in a bit after we have had a chance to figure out the best presentation.

The topics covered will be as follows:

Skip Healy:

General Irish flute studies from the basics of hand postion and breathing to the playing of the various forms (jigs, reels, marches, hornpipes, misc) to building a solid foundation of tunes. We will be using my book, "Have Ye This One" for foundational materials. Question and answer is a favorite form of mine...


Stuart Samson:

Stuart will offer an in depth study of all aspects of Highland piping. Further information will be forth coming! 


Music, CDs, Books

For over thirty years, Skip Healy has been a world renowned, Grammy-nominated performer of Irish flute and American fife music. For details on Skip Healy, his work and his music, just click here.