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By Skip - Posted on 28 March 2008

Hi Everybody!

Welcome to my new Wind on the Bay web site and the new "Wind on the Blog" feature!

This will be year 7 of the festival and hopefully our best year yet. I always try to take the comments and opinions of our attendees seriously and incorporate the feedback I get into the next years festival. I had the most positive comments ever about the festival last year, particularly the class schedule, instructional staff and food service. With that in mind I am really happy to welcome back our staff of last year and a slightly revised class schedule too. One comment in years past had been that it was really difficult for attendees to choose between so many great classes and instructors. I tried last year to have as few conflicts (flute class vs flute class) as I could which is a bit tough as we have such a short time together but we seem to have worked it out as best as we can. 

In past years we have featured a "Concert on the Lawn" on Sunday afternoon. While this has been popular and relaxing, it also has meant we have to sacrifice time that we could have used in other ways. This year I have decided to not do the concert and use some of that time for another class period. It has also been mentioned that our attendees would have liked to have one more gathering of everyone so good-byes could be said and a last session could be had. By dropping the concert we now have time for this as well. I hope you all enjoy this change. 

Each year John has given a class on Breton music which has been very popular so with that in mind, I have added a second class focusing on the instruments themselves giving more time for an exploration of all aspects of the tradition. I also had several requests for Grey to give a concertina class so that has been added as well. One other request was for a class on the New England style of fife and drum music so I will be doing two classes on this topic. One class about the fife itself and a second featuring Josh and I playing some examples of the music itself.

Last year also saw the first year of "home style" food service prepared by myself, Marc Bernier, Mark Bachand, Jennifer Cooke and Sue Kneeland. This was a big hit last year so we will be banging the pots and pans this coming year too. I will be releasing the menu on an upcoming blog so stay tuned!!


Thats about it for this edition, check back again for the next one!

 All the best,

 Skip Healy 

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