Counting Down!

By Skip - Posted on 02 September 2009

Hi Everybody!

Well, it`s Hurricane season here on the East Coast so you know what that means, it`s time for Wind on the Bay again!  This has been a pretty hard year or so on everybody including yours truly so it may be tough for everybody who wants to come to actually come this year. I have a couple of the hard-core WOTBers signed up and some questions coming in but so far we are looking at a very intimate time this year. No matter though as if it`s 3 or 30, we`ll all have a great time of it.

The staff will be a bit smaller this year in trying to keep with the current climate but every bit as enthusiastic as always. John Skelton, and Josh Dukes will be here as well as myself and maybe the surprise drop in or two.  The classes and schedule will be pretty much as it was last year. I got a huge positive responce to it so I think we will stick with popular opinion!  As always the classes will be in the Varnum Memorial Armory for John and Josh and mine will be in my studio at the Carriage House of the Varnum House Museum.  All concerts, sessions and dinners will be in the Armory as well.  Hopefully the kitchen staff will do as exemplary job as they did last year too!!!  As always, any and all food donations are welcome...

All venues are a short walk for each other, plenty of time to get from one to the next!

I`m looking forward to seeing you all at the 8th Annual Wind on the Bay!!

 All the best,



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